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Data solutions If you want to provide solutions to your overflowing paper forms and documents, Orpiv Solutions can help you. We are a professional IT company that provides the most efficient and most reliable data entry, data security, data management, and data storage services in the industry. Whether you are a company that manages millions of direct mail program, conducts contemporary market research, or a small sized business that has trouble in managing manual paper forms, Orpiv data solutions will definitely satisfy your objectives and goals by providing solutions to your current situations with an accurate, time driven, and cost-effective service. Our data solution service is capable of handling any types of data processing workloads. We have up-to-date tools that will definitely provide outstanding project results. Our service deploys popular databases that make large chunks of data more accessible for your business. We combine traditional business intelligence processes with our modernized data technologies to provide solutions to you operational data issues and optimize every processes with efficiency and agility. At Orpiv, we provide our clients the appropriate engagement, right environment, and applicable management in analysing and understanding your information, needs, and concerns and align them with the right processes, technology, and data management strategy. Our experienced and professional data processing team all have credible accreditations and are highly knowledgeable on this field. Irrespective of assignment size or project tenure, we always put emphasis on establishing good relationship with our clients. We respect and ensure the confidentiality of our client’s entire data information; hence, we guarantee that every project is entrusted with utmost privacy. Let our professional specialists provide you the valuable advice and indispensable support that your business needs to manage and transform your initiatives so you will be more complete with your engagements to invaluable business opportunities today and in the future. We are serving several kinds of industries – from banking and finance, engineering, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, travel, medical and healthcare, insurance, retail, to media and publishing and a lot more. Data entry We offer timely, accurate, and reliable data entry services to small, medium, and large size businesses across all types of industries. Orpiv Solutions utilized the most recent and advanced tools to capture all kinds of data with dependable accuracy, optimum speed, and cost-effective service rates. We have a team of professional who performs various types of data processing with utmost competence and consistency. Orpiv data entry service has a powerful approach to maintain a dependable service. We have innovatedthe basic document scanning by incorporating “key-from-image” approach and take advantage of more advancedtypes of data capture and data recognition technologies. Our data entry service deals with product data entry, survey forms, clinical and medical billing, PDF documents, scanned images, handwritten documents, and alphanumeric forms among others. Along with a reliable internet connection speed, we have a system that makes use of custom templates so that every project is accelerated and efficiently performed. Data security The digital age is inevitably vulnerable to malicious hackers and tricksters. For some businesses, data security is compromised by leakages through social media networks, or contributed by unprotected distribution across cloud servers and computer networks. With our data security service, we guarantee competence in striking the balance between legitimate data access and protection of data information. Our highly skilled security professionals are equipped with the advanced knowledge about data risk assessment, data protection audits, data encryption, data masking solution, and end-to-end data security among others. We integrate absolute security from your gateways towards mobile devices with multiple layers of comprehensive security management platforms. Data management Orpiv Solutions helps businesses across several types of industries in coming up with an effective data framework for business optimization. Properly managing the entire data lifecycle of the company is essential in building a competitive edge over competitors. We facilitate our data management solution through an optimized data driven application. With our service, you can improved your company’s data access with speed, achieve service targets through automated and simplified data models, provided with easy to access and easy to use data interface, and conveniently transforms data from wide array of sources. Our experts guarantee that the service is tailored to your specific needs. Data storage In a business setting, data is expected to rapidly build-up at an unprecedented rate. That is why, it is very important that the company will be able to store all pieces of data information as details are perc eived to be highly significant when retrieving information. In Orpiv Solutions, we offer a wide array of data storage solutions that suits your financial capabilities and performance requirements. In this way, you will be able to gain access on the most appropriate and cost efficient storage for your company’s data. We offer a highly reliable storage area network, direct attached storage, and network attached storage that are all tailored according to your specific needs. “Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the taking about the other.” – Bill Gates Business Orpiv Technologies offer you a creative, original, and out of the box designs for your business needs. Under this service, we provide your business the most attractive and compelling logos, banners, advertisement or promotional materials, and all other kinds of marketing materials. Whatever it is that you need, tell us and we will gladly create them for you. Considering the unprecedented prominence of social media nowadays, online marketing and promotions become a big deal. It has overtaken the traditional methods of advertising, which are costly and limited. With social media, companies can conveniently promote their brands to millions of social media users situated across different regions and countries around the globe. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LindkedIn, and Google+ among others, are the hottest spots for promotional postings. When coupled with effective social media marketing strategies, integrating logos, banners, promotions, and marketing materials to the business brand promotion and awareness campaigns contribute largely to the success of a business. These materials boost the company brand and manifest significant insights and meanings to the reputation of the company. Moreover, it is worth noting that the majority of online users are more attracted to visual marketing than text driven campaigns. With the rapid development and popularity of digital marketing, online marketing materials are given utmost importance by businesses – from small, medium, to large-scale companies, as these have demonstrated favourable results when it comes to increasing website traffic. Should a company gains significant levels of traffic to its website or blog site; it generally paves the way for lead generation, actual customer engagements, and incremental sales. Thus, it is reasonable that promoting a brand or service online should be associated with creativeness and informative contents. Orpiv Technologies understands the dynamic nature of online marketing. We understand that this is an essential part of your online marketing strategy, which is why we produce the highest professional quality banners, logos, promotional materials, and marketing materials for your company. With our highly skilled and ingenious digital artists, we absolutely guarantee effective delivery of banners and logos, including promotional and marketing materials, according to your creative ideas and concepts. We have thousands of banner and logo designs for all kinds of business, providing you a wide array of choices. Our designing service makes use of the most recent graphical designing technologies along with our team members’ creative minds and exceptional graphical and designing skills. Logo design A logo is a symbol that represents the overall quality and character of your company in the market. At Orpiv Technologies, we fully support your company goal, which is why we designed custom logos professionally. We have made few logos for small and medium sized businesses who want to promote their brands online. Our service is tailored to your needs and preferences. Whatever are your concepts and ideas, we develop them into reality. Our logo designers are very talented and effective in delivering logos that attract public recognition. We make use of professional designing software that furnishes custom logos you will instantly approve. Our logo design packages are fairly created at very cost-effective, reasonable prices. Banner design Whichever is your purpose in coming up with a website banner – either, you want to have additional aesthetics to your website or your goal is to attract customers and induce website traffic, Orpiv Technologies will help you put forth your concepts and ideas. Banners are considered to be helpful in promoting your company’s hottest deals and featured services. Our banner designing service is here to produce stylish and professional banners for your company that aids in building affirmative online character and credibility. We do not only create attractive images, but we also incorporate useful information about your business or its service so it becomes an efficient communication transmitter with your target audience. Promotional material At Orpiv Technologies , we specialize in producing and printing creative and professional decorations for your company’s promotional material needs. We provide our clients creative designs and ensure quick and timely delivery. Our work is motivated by our goal in providing absolute satisfaction to our clients. We have outstanding finished products that meet our clients’ decoration requirements and output expectations. Knowing our industry pushes us to look for innovative ways so we stand unique among other providers. Our service also includes digital pad and pad printing, screen printing, embossing or foil stamping, and artwork designing. Marketing material Marketing materials are more than just texts and printed papers. These are essential tools when you want to leave company information to your customers while positioning your brand strategically. Orpiv Technologies marketing material design and printing service ensures that the finished products will justify company objectives and goals. Since digital marketing platforms are trending nowadays, we develop online marketing materials for your digital marketing campaigns such as digital brochure, social media marketing advertisements, and email marketing materials. Moreover, we also design and print hard-copied marketing materials that include brochures, business cards, and infographics. “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” - Steve Jobs 
Web solutions In today’s generation, when we talk about business we also include the concept about online marketing. This subject primarily involves the use of responsive and functional websites so that customers can easily check the kinds of services that a business has. Thus, it is very important that company websites should be able to meet the expectations and demands, not only of the company per se, but also of its target customers. With our web solutions service, we start the deal with an understanding of our client’s business and its goals. In this way, we will be able to grasp a profound comprehension about their needs and requirements, which will give us direction on how we should start the service. An overview of our web solutions service Orpiv is your one stop shop for comprehensive and professional web solutions services. We believe that websites should not just be aesthetically pleasing but should also be fully functional and efficient. We guarantee a satisfying creation of company websites and blog sites basing on your abstract and generic ideas. Our services are implemented by our team of web architects and web builders who are all highly competent in building the inner and outer workings for your websites. We guarantee excellent proficiency in using contemporary website tools and programming languages - from Python, Ruby, PHP, to .NET among others. We also make use of content management systems so that updating and managing sites are simple and hassle free. Our website development strategies take a comprehensive approach, thus we also offer content writing services to add more value to your websites. This service is performed by our competent copywriters who all have intensive knowledge in creating the most effective and appalling contents for your company website or blog sites. At Orpiv, we support your company’s marketing goals. Whether you are a small, medium, or large sized business, we implement a satisfying approach towards your website needs. Whatever is your end goal – whether to create brand awarenes provide basic or detailed information about your products and services, attract more customers and generate leads through creative content, sell online products and services to a specific audiences, or improved your brand recognition in the dynamic face of online markets among others, Orpiv will be there to assist you. Website development Whether you want to put into reality those raw ideas or you simply want further enhancement of your existing websites, our team of professional developers can expertly bring all your ideas and preferences to life. Our service will provide you the most reliable digital framework and programming languages to optimize your website navigation and give it full functionality. We also make use of the most recent content management systems such as Drupal, HTML5 or WordPress, so you can easily manage your websites and place your desired web contents at your most convenient time. You will no longer be spending additional premium payments for pieces of third party website management software because you are already provided with a simplified platform. Search Engine Optimization What would be the value of a website if nobody can find it? At Orpiv, aside from providing you the most efficient web elements, we also optimize your websites so that search engines, like Google, can find you. Our SEO specialists employ effective techniques in building a strong foundation for a search engine optimized website. This will provide your business the opportunity to gain more traffic and generate leads. You will also be provided with up-to-date and accurate information about your website’s performance and progress as we include Google Analytics reporting in our service. In this way, you will be able to track your metrics, which can serve as your basis in making decisions for your business. Website design With our full website design service, you will be building your brand along with an excellent website. We love to hear your concepts and ideas and help you create these things into reality. Our professional web architects, who are highly proficient in their field, will support you and give you the most visually appealing custom graphical designs. We make used of professional graphical software to manage the entire visual elements of your websites. We guarantee in bringing your website to life with smooth and jargon free navigation, functional buttons, and responsive performance so your customers can access your website’s content with efficiency. Content writing We have expert copywriters who can provide you the most compelling content for your website’s pages, which is very effective in reaching out to your company’s target audience. Hence, you will be building a communication link between your company and your potential customers through the conveyance of sensible thoughts and information. Moreover, our service also ensures that search engines will love your website contents so that you will have an excellent instrument for both search engine and social media marketing. With these things in hand, your website’s online reputation is well managed as well as your relations with your existing and potential customers. Get to knowOrpiv and our services The primary goal of this website is to provide our potential clients the information about our company and our services. Our website provides brief and concise discussions about our wide array of data, information technology, website, and business solutions to small, medium, or large-sized businesses. Our service guarantees exceptional quality and standard by incorporating the most powerful and up-to-date tools digital technology has to offer. We are a developer of affordable and cost-effective solutions to your business situations. Through our service, you will be able to establish effective online visibility, efficient data management, increasing sale revenues, and progressive productivity. Come and meet our team Meet our team of experts who are highly experienced and highly competent in the field. Our team has successfully completed a significant number of projects for different clients situated from different countries. With their skills and abilities, all kinds of projects are in good hands. Volchanix website hopes to impart our target audience the understanding on how we perform our service, thus encouraging them to engage and do business with us. The greatest investment is when you know that you are guaranteed with affirmative and effective results. WithOrpiv services, you will be building efficient business processes along with a profit generating brand. “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” – Bill Gates Nowadays, almost all kinds of business from various types of industries considered computers and information systems as indispensable components of their business operation. Investing to these technologies is highly encouraged in order to compete with competitors and respond to more business opportunities. The majority of established businesses, which services does not relate to information technology such as those from the manufacturing and retail industry, usually allocate a minimal amount to technology spending. On the other hand, high-end industries usually spend more than they need to on IT solutions. The former misses out many technological benefits, while the latter gains strategic advantage. While the world rapidly moves towards more advanced technological developments, huge opportunities are also provided for businesses when they take advantage of what these technologies can offer. This is the reason why Orpiv commits to deliver IT related services to businesses with precision and competence. We have employed professional IT experts who know how to effectively deal with different technological processes and complexities. Our team is equipped with legitimate certifications that were gained from intensive trainings and different technological specializations. As a reliable partner in providing your business the most effective IT solutions, we do not settle for less. We offer a comprehensive array of IT related services, which accommodates software design, IT support, and network support. We take into consideration that project deliveries should always be coupled with quality and standard performance outputs. We believe that this kind of achievement provides you absolute customer satisfaction. Our service allows you to select the appropriate technical solutions that fits the needs and wants of your business. Whether you are a small or large size firm, we provide a quality of technical expertise that is similar from the IT departments of big time corporations. Benefits of the service Our IT solution service benefits your business by elevating your day-to-day transactions and all other kinds of business processes towards maximum productivity. We will be able to revolutionize your business environment by creating efficient communication system, reliable computer network, secured and protected data, and enhanced software system among others. We have the expertise that your business needs. We do not employ our service without undergoing critical studies and assessment. In order to provide the right IT solution for your current and future needs, we perform consultations to establish the goals, find the problems, and determine the appropriate solutions. Volchanix will aid you in stabilizing your systems so that it will become more efficient, reliable, and secure. Between your business strategies and our up-to-date technologies, we will be able to come up with outstanding partnership. Software design Volchanix offer software design for different types of business. We have a software design and developer team who provide incomparable competence and expertise when it comes to software development and maintenance, software enhancements, application design, and product development. Our service does extremely well in different programming languages, including Java, Perl, C, and C++. Moreover, we have in-depth knowledge about application modifications, new product architecture design, detailed documentation of design, exposition of prototype, software coding, and software code review among others. IT support IT support initiative is essential to almost all companies, especially when dealing with projects that demand for IT expertise. In most cases, the need for IT support is emphasized when there is an immediate call for troubleshooting resolution so as not to compromise the efficiency of business operations. This is the reason why Volchanix come up with IT support services that ensures absolute know-hows when dealing with network infrastructures, troubleshooting, disaster recovery, network failures, anti-spyware and anti-virus, and all other forms of workstation interrupting failures. Our IT specialists are capable of managing all of your workstations, gateways, routers, and servers through remote access. Should there be issues, our IT technicians and engineers will quickly address them. We keep the IT systems of your business functional, operational, efficient, and secure so that focusing on your business’ expansions, cost management, and sales revenue growth will not be interrupted. Networking support Our networking support service includes network maintenance, network monitoring, network management, and security management. Orpiv provides you the best practices in minimizing network downtimes while ensuring consistent network availability and performance. Each services are supported and simplified based on the specific needs of businesses. Whether you want to engage with “break-fix” support, basic and advance troubleshooting, technical network reviews and audits, automated network alerts, remote monitoring, and real time security management services among others, Volchanix has it all for you at a reasonable price. All in all, we provide a comprehensive networking support – from the most basic network maintenance down to fully network management with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Information technology provides important benefits to the business as it allows companies to operate more efficiently, thus maximizing productivity. Because computerized systems nowadays are undeniably becoming the real deal, it is highly reasonable for a reliable IT supports be incorporated to your business. 
“I'm a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other, and how they can achieve the kind of freedoms that they're interested in.” – Bill Gates OUR SERVICES Orpiv’ is aware of how influential digital technology when it comes to shaping the future of your business. Hence, we designed our services to be effective in responding to the demands of the contemporary market. Our goal is to provide small, medium, and large-scale businesses a comprehensive approach to professional quality website solutions, information technology solutions, data solutions, and business solutions services. All of these services are well-performed and well-managed according to your own preferences relative to the specific needs of your business. Website Solutions We believe that every website should be both visually enhance and fully functional. Whether you already have existing websites or desire to come up with a new one, our web solution service effectively accommodates your website goals. Website development We specialize in bringing you a reliable website framework. We make use of the different and up-to-date programming tools, content management systems, and different pieces of software to maximize the functionality and usability of your website. Website designing Our highly proficient web designers employ the most recent professional designing software to create a visually appealing website without compromising the accessibility and efficiency performance of all web elements. Search engine optimization SEO is an important key factor for generating leads and engaging customers. Hence, we also offer SEO services to optimize your website’s efficiency so that search engines like Google and Yahoo can easily find you. Additionally, we also provide accurate information about your website’s metrics through reliable analytical reports. Website content writing In order to maximize the potential of your site to millions of users worldwide, we also provide effective and compelling content writing service. This becomes a vital element in developing your site’s communication link between your service or brand to your potential customers. Data Solutions It is important for a business to manage bulk dataefficiently. Whether you are an SME or a big name in your industry, our data solutions services will be able to input, secure,manage, and store all of your data with ease and convenience. Data entry Our data entry services ensure accuracy and timeliness. We make use of advanced data capture and data recognition technology. From simple data entry, scanned images, alphanumeric and handwritten documents, medical billing, survey forms, to PDF documents among others, we can make it all work for you with speed, quality, and efficiency. Data management Improve the accessibility of your company’s data through automated and simplified data models and data interface with our data management service. Data security Integrate a reliable security to all of your company’s data. Our service accommodates excellent security management platforms to make your data safe from hackers and leakages. Data storage You can have appropriate and cost efficient data storage for your company through this service. We offer a highly reliable storage area network, direct attached storage, and network-attached storage that are all tailored according to your specific needs. Information Technology Solutions Our IT solution service employs the most up-to-date technologies that would increase the efficiency of your everyday business transactions. Software design Our software design and development team provides incomparable competence and expertise when it comes to software development and maintenance, software enhancements, application design, and product development. IT support Our IT specialists are capable of managing all of your workstations, gateways, modems, routers, and servers through remote access. We also provide you reliable network infrastructures, troubleshooting, disaster recovery, network failures, anti-spyware and anti-virus, and all other forms of workstation IT support. Network support We provide a comprehensive network support service for your business. Whether you want to engage with basic and advance troubleshooting, technical network reviews and audits, real time security management, automated network alerts, break-fix support, and remote monitoring among others, Orpiv has it all for you. Business Solutions With our business solutions service, your business will have the edge in social media marketing. We have effective digital marketing tools that accommodate your business needs. Logo design We provide custom logo design with professional touches. We make use of professional designing software to come up with an effective logo for your company or brand that attracts public recognition. Banner design Equip your website with professional banners that include both style and useful information to enhance your character and credibility online. Promotional material We specialize in delivering creative promotional materials for your company. Our service also includes digital pad and pad printing, screen printing, embossing or foil stamping, and artwork designing. Marketing material Since digital marketing is the real deal, we will help your business with effective marketing materials for your online marketing campaigns. This include digital brochure, social media and email marketing advertisements, design and print hard-copied marketing materials such as brochures, business cards, and infographics among others. “What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.” – Tim O’Reilly